Essential Principles of Ministry

Essential Principles of Ministry

Essential Principles of Ministry in the Life of the Church


1. Biblical Truth

We believe in the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, and significance of biblical truth, which defines the essence of our spiritual life. The Bible is the only written divine revelation and alone can bind the conscience of believers absolutely. Our salvation and sanctification are directly related to the contemplation of the glory of the Gospel, left on the pages of Scripture. We recognize the absolute authority of Scripture and the need for it in all the spheres of life. We confess the sufficiency of biblical truth for regeneration, sanctification and perseverance of the saints.

2. Biblical Preaching

Believing in the centrality and importance of biblical truth, we give priority to the proclamation of the Word of God by way of biblical expository preaching, which is an in-depth study of the Holy Scriptures that is presented in a simple and comprehensible way. A sermon is an instrument of God’s grace, which informs, renews and shapes the mind, develops godly and holy feelings and leads to the practical enjoyment in the contemplation of God’s glory.

3. Biblical Counseling

Believing in the sufficiency of the Bible, we are committed to the equipping, edification and building up of souls based on the preaching of the Gospel. We believe that the main problem of humanity is not their sinful behavior, but rather lack of faith in God’s promises, and therefore their change in life is directly linked to knowledge of God’s holiness, grace and kindness. We do not believe that secular psychology can help solve the problem of the human heart.

4. Biblical Leadership

Believing that the church belongs not to us but to God, we strive to be faithful to him in matters of church leadership. We believe that the responsibility of ministers is to embody the will of God in the life of the local church, so the solution of all problems must be based solely on the principles of Scripture. We also believe that, despite the fact that men and women in Christ have the same spiritual position, they differ in their roles. We believe that the Bible forbids women to teach and exercise authority over men in the church.

5. Biblical Fellowship

Believing in the efficacy of biblical truth, we recognize that God intended for His people to experience internal changes together, not individually. The ministry of the whole church is to grow together in faith, where everyone is directly involved. Small groups ministry is one of the most important aspects of biblical fellowship that helps the entire church to glorify God through personal transformation into the likeness of Christ. Gathering together, we help and encourage each other in the faith, by way of reminding each other of the greatness of our invisible God and that genuine contentment can be found only in Him.

6. Biblical Parenting

Believing in the authority of biblical truth, we teach that parenting is not the responsibility of the Sunday school or the church, but is entirely the responsibility of the parents, who are to raise their children in the instruction and discipline of the Lord. We teach that in the process of raising children, the focus should be directed not to the external change in child’s behavior, but to the internal change in heart, which is not possible without instruction in biblical truth.

7. Biblical Understanding of Creation

Trusting in the inspiration of the Bible and its truth, we profess and teach a literal six-day creation. We reject all forms of theistic evolution.